Spring CPD Programme

Check out our full Spring 2021 CPD Programme Brochure here, or view our scheduled webinars below. 

Our Spring 2021 CPD programme has been designed to suit the needs and challenges of life in practice right now. All content can be delivered virtually, with the option to attend on the day or watch back at a time and place that suits you. 

Stand-Alone Webinars: 

Designed specifically for delegates of The Veterinary Human Factors Conference, this single 90 minute live workshop is designed to give you practical support on taking veterinary Human Factors back to your practice.

"How to Champion Veterinary Human Factors in your Workplace"

Spring Three Part Mini-Series:

Running April-June, this trio of three-part mini-series will each focus on an area of practical Human Factors in practice. Each series will consist of three 1-hour long webinars available on the day of release, or you can watch back as well!

"How to... Deal with mistakes in practice"
"How to... Develop a patient safety programme"
"How to... Champion checklists in your team"

To discuss bespoke training, including The 12 Month Veterinary Human Factors CPD Programme (read more about this in our full brochure), please contact us directly on info@vetled.co.uk!