Spring 2021

How can VetLed support you to implement Human Factors within your team? 

The answer to delivering the best possible care is rarely to simply “try harder” and “do better”. Let us support you to more effectively deliver the outstanding clinical skills of your team, to your patients and clients.

VetLed provide veterinary-specific Human Factors training to help you and your team perform at their best. We will ensure that you have the practical tools and the guidance required for successful and sustainable implementation to create lasting and positive change. Our approach enables teams to "understand why" things don't always go to plan and "apply strategic support", rather than to focus on "who did what"... or simply "try harder, do better".

To find out more about VetLed and read full details of our Spring 2021 Veterinary Human Factors CPD and bespoke training visit our brochure here.

Or to book into our scheduled webinars, including stand-alone webinars and our trio of three-part mini-series running across April, May and June, explore this site!

Training that fits your needs, right now

Our Spring 2021 CPD programme has been designed to suit the needs and challenges of life in practice right now. All content can be delivered virtually, with the option to attend on the day or watch back at a time and place that suits you.

Whether you want to join us for a 90 minute stand-alone webinar, a 3-part mini-series, or a bespoke 12 month programme, our team can help you understand the theory that underpins veterinary Human Factors... and most importantly, know how to implement it successfully within your team. 

Connection and collaboration are at the heart of everything we do at VetLed.

Our services are not limited to the courses and training listed. We are experienced at working with organisations (large and small!) at the highest levels to share our expertise and experience of veterinary Human Factors.

So, if we've piqued your curiosity, you want to find out more, or you just want to say "Hello"... we would love to hear from you!

Let's start something amazing together today!

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